When removing an attendee from the system, whether it's due to a duplicate entry or because of the individual not attending the event, care must be taken to ensure that any information or meetings submitted by the attendee is OK to remove/cancel.

Before commencing with the deletion process, please ensure you know what circumstances surround each particular attendee:

  1. Locate the attendee on the system by click on the Attendees tab. From here type the name of the attendee (we recommend just using their surname) and pressing enter or the Filter button on the far right.
  2. Under the entry for that person you will see a quick action bar like the one below. 

  3. Selecting the Delete button will bring up a warning about deleting the attendee. You will see a list of their login activity, meetings booked and asking you to confirm this action. If you are sure of this action press OK. 

    Note: pressing OK will, as the box states, send an email to all the attendees meeting partners informing them that their meeting with this person has been cancelled. This will happen unless you have turned off automatic emails within your system.