Meeting Mojo creates many meetings per person, and these are constantly added to, rescheduled and cancelled. A regular Outlook invitation is not able to synchronize this information across multiple meetings. Meeting Mojo provides instead a subscription link for each delegate that will create a new calendar within their Outlook application and keep it up to date without further intervention.

SUPER IMPORTANT! If your delegates are to sync their calendars, you need to set the timezone of your event:
Go to SetUp on Admin and select Event in the right hand menu. Next, click the Timezone dropdown, scroll to find your Continent and select the nearest city in the same timezone.

I Send a Subscription Link to your Delegates

  1. First add the following mail-merge placeholder to the ‘meetingreminder’ email template:
    The template can be found in the Emails section of the Content tab on Admin. Please refer to our HowTo Guide for more information on customizing email templates.

  2. Send the email to your delegates via the bulk action feature:
    i. On the Attendees tab, select 100 in the page size widget (right side of the page)

ii. Check the box at the top left of the attendee list
iii. Scroll to the end of the list and select Meeting Reminder from the Actions dropdown. Click ‘go’.
iv. Repeat steps ii. and iii., above, for each page of attendees. Page links are displayed at the end of the attendee list, at the right.
TIP: You can instead add the link to the meeting confirmation email, but add a note to say it only has to be used once.

II How to create a 1:1 meeting calendar in Outlook

Users who have recent versions of Outlook should be able to simply click the ICS link to set up the calendar feed. Others should follow the directions below:

  1. Open the Outlook Calendar area and click the Open Calendar icon in the top menu pane.

  2. Select 'From internet' in the dropdown

  3. Paste the subscription link into the pop-up dialog and click OK


Meetings will be entered in a new calendar in Outlook, and will update with new/rescheduled/cancelled meetings whenever a ‘new mail’ search is carried out (either manually or automatically).

IMPORTANT: This feature works well with Outlook, but Google calendar will only update every 24 hours. Attendees who uses Google calendar may not be able to view meetings that have been confirmed recently.