1. Find the attendee on the Attendees tab. Type their last name into the ‘Name’ field and click Filter.

  1. Click ‘Schedule’ next their name. Note their Available times.

  1. Click ‘Search’ in the yellow banner above their schedule grid.

  2. Use the ‘Find available Attendees’ filter to find who has mutual availability. Or, find a specific person by entering LAST NAME only in string search box

  3. Click the blue ‘Book meeting’ button on the target’s entry, and click through the meeting booking process.

Reschedule a meeting

Reschedule meetings to free up meeting times:

  1. On the Attendees tab, use the Filter to find the Attendee (as above). Click Schedule next to their name.

  1. Find the meeting (check that you are viewing the right day). Click Update.

  1. On the meeting management grid, click ‘Reschedule’, then click the gray Reschedule button.

  1. Select an available meeting time from the list and click it.

  1. Click the ‘Reschedule’ button to confirm your selection.

Cancel a meeting on behalf of an attendee

Follow steps 1. and 2., above.

On the meeting management grid, click Cancel.

Then click the red ‘Cancel’ button to complete the process.