Before booking a meeting for an attendee, ensure you choose the right time, place and attendees. They can also book their own meetings, so only perform these steps if absolutely needed.

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab. Find the attendee you would like to book a meeting for by either scrolling through the list or typing their last name into the Search field in the Filter.
  2. Click ‘Book' next to their name.

  1. Search for the attendee you would like your chosen attendee to book a meeting with, using the filters on the left to narrow down results.

  2. Click the blue ‘Book meeting’ button on the target’s entry.
  3. You now have the option to send a message to the attendee receiving the invitation, as well as adding or removing participants from the same group or organisation. Once you have made sure all settings are correct, click 'Yes' next to 'Are you sure you wish to request this meeting?'.
  4. (Optional) You can now confirm on the receiving end if you wish, heading back to the Attendees tab, finding the other attendee, clicking 'Schedule' next to their name then 'Unconfirmed: please respond' on the day of the meeting. If the confirmation step was turned off in your Setup settings, you will not need to perform this step. 
  5. If system emails have been turned off for any or all attendees, you will need to tell each attendee about the meeting using your own email client.