Every login website has a few users that experience difficulties when entering their credentials. Meeting Mojo is no exception, so we have created this handy guide that will help you to help them.  

If an attendee contacts you to say they can't log in, follow the procedure below to guarantee results:

1. Check the attendee is on the system

  1. Type their name into the Quick Search bar in the Dashboard tab.
  2. If their name does not appear but they are registered to attend, add them to the system. Use this article to help you.
  3. If their name does appear, click it to reach the Attendee View page. Then:

Send the attendee the following directions, substituting the information in [brackets]:

  • Go to [insert system URL]. Click the 'login' link at the right of the page, under the banner  image. Then enter your username, [email address from Attendee View] in the left hand box, and your password in the right.
  • The password is case-sensitive so please use capitals where necessary and make sure your Caps Lock is Off.
  • Click the blue 'Sign in' button to log in.

If this does not work:

2. Send a magic login link

  1. On the main Dashboard tab, use the Quick Search bar to find the Attendee (if you aren't already viewing their profile).
  2. Click the orange 'Send login token' button on the right. You may need to scroll down a bit to see this.
  3. The system will send them an email (regardless of system emails being turned off) containing a magic link that will instantly log them in. Once logged in, they can enter a new password by clicking Account in the top menu bar, then 'Edit [name]' on the left. A new password should be entered into the 'Password' and 'Password again' fields before clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

The system sends the email instantly. However, due to circumstances out of our control, it may take a few minutes to arrive in the attendee's inbox.

If they do not receive the magic link after a few minutes or are still having other problems:

3. Change their password for them

  1. You should already be viewing the attendee's profile after following the steps above. If not, use the Quick Search bar in the Dashboard tab to find the attendee again.
  2. Click 'Edit [name]' in the upper right menu.
  3. Enter a new password in the 'Password' and 'Password again' fields, then click the blue Save button.
  4. Tell the attendee the new password (if they do not know it already), along with a link to your event and instructions on how to log in.