Meeting Mojo platforms all include a Countdown Timer display for your 1 to 1 meetings room. If you have display screens in your meeting area, you can download the timer to provide a visual update on the remaining minutes of each meeting. If you have audio, it will transmit an audible alert when 90% of the meeting time has elapsed, encouraging meeting partners to wrap up their discussion.

1. To activate the timer, add the following to the end of your system url: /-/report/countdown
Hence the url will look something like:
Currently this will show the number of days/hours/minutes until the first meeting starts. To see what it would look like on the day, add /-/report/countdown/DEMO/today to the url instead.

2. To display, make sure your device is hooked up to a projector or screen, and connected to the internet. Internet connection is only required to activate the timer, you can disconnect after this. 

At first it will display your browser window - you may wish to remove this and display only the timer.
If you are using a Mac: unselect “always show toolbar” under View menu, then Control+Command+F
On a Windows device: click F11 or Fn+F11