Meeting Mojo platforms all include a Countdown Timer display for your 1 to 1 meetings room. If you have display screens in your meeting area, you can download the timer to provide a visual update on the remaining minutes of each meeting. If you have audio, it will transmit an audible alert when 90% of the meeting time has elapsed, encouraging meeting partners to wrap up their discussion.

To view the live countdown, add the following to the end of your system URL:


Your event URL should look something like this, with [eventname] replaced with your event's name:


If viewing before the day of your event, the countdown will show you how much longer remains until the event starts.

To see what it would look like while in a meeting, add this to the URL instead:


Otherwise, it will show you the time left in your current meeting.

Click here to see an example of what it would look like during a meeting. 

Click here for an example of what it may look like before the event.

On the day of your event, it's highly recommended this countdown timer is displayed on a larger screen, such as a monitor or projector. At first, the screen will require the internet to pull the event information from Meeting Mojo. Afterwards, it can be safely disconnected from the internet as long as the website is not refreshed.

To view the timer full screen, either use F11/Fn+F11 (Windows) or Command +Shift+F (Mac OS). If this doesn't work, click the three dots to the top right of your screen (Chrome/Edge) and then click 'Full Screen' to the right of 'Zoom'.