Before cancelling any meetings, make sure all participants agree they would like the meeting cancelled.

Attendees are also able to cancel their own meetings, so only perform these steps if 100% needed.

  1.    Navigate to the Attendees tab and find one of the participants of the meeting you would like to cancel. You can speed up this process by typing their last name into the Filter.
  2.    Click 'Schedule' to the right of your chosen attendee, then click on the meeting you would like to cancel. Double check you are choosing the right date and time.
  3. Choose the 'Decline' tab to the far right.
  4.    You may now either Decline the meeting with an optional message or Decline silently, cancelling the meeting without alerting any participants. Only use the second option if all attendees are already aware of the cancellation and do not want an email alerting them of the fact. If one or more attendees do not know of the cancellation, a message is highly recommended, including the reason for the meeting's cancellation.