It is not possible do mass download all images at once but you can still access all profile pictures to download one at a time.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Content tab and click 'Media' on the right.
  2. You will see a folder named 'user' among your other already uploaded images. Click on the 'user' folder.
  3. Click on the image(s) you would like to download. This will open them in a new tab.
  4. On each new tab created, right click on the image and choose 'Save image as...' (this text may be slightly different between browsers and operating systems).
  5. If prompted, choose a location to save the image. 
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each image you would like to download (if applicable).

Note that some images may have been compressed by the system and would therefore be unfit for use on a physical brochure. If this happens, please ask any affected attendees to send you their profile images directly.