As a manager, you can't use your own login to book meetings or send messages to regular users (Attendees)*. To view and test the system as your delegates will see it, follow the directions below.

1. Add some fake companies and attendees via the Admin area, using email addresses that you and your colleagues can access.

  i. On the Dashboard, click the blue ‘Add’ button, then click  ‘Add new organization’. new_add.png

 ii. The New Organization entry form will launch. Add the organization name at the top of the form, and any other mandatory information, and click Save. new_att.png
NOTE: Do not use the organization name that is on your Account. If you need to use your company name, type in a slight variation such as 'Myco, Inc.' instead of 'Myco'.

iii. Add attendee details. You must add at least an email address and last name, then click Save.

IMPORTANT: The system will not permit you to use the email address that is on your Account. Type in another email address where you can receive and read emails

iv. Give the new attendee access to the system by approving them:
click the ‘change’ button on the red ‘Unapproved’ notification text new_unapproved.pngbeneath the attendee’s name, and then the blue ‘Approve’ button. The Welcome and Password emails will be sent to the email address you added.

Repeat this process for each test attendee. NOTE: you can only book meetings between attendees who are affiliated to different companies. If you add all your attendees to the same company, they will not be able to book meetings with each other.

2. To test meeting booking and private messaging, first click Website at the top of the page to open the user interface.

  i. Log in, using the credentials provided in the Welcome and Password emails.
 ii. Follow the directions provided on the homepage to open the attendee listing, browse and request meetings.
iii. You and your colleagues will receive email alerts from the system whenever you request, respond to, or reschedule a meeting, or send a private message.

This test reflects exactly the user experience and will help you to adjust your system settings and content to your desired configuration.