You cannot directly download attendee lists for Sessions as a PDF file but it is still possible with this workaround:

  1. Navigate to the Sessions tab and click the name of the Session you would like to download the attendee list for.
  2. Click 'Print this session' on the right. This will list the Session details in plain HTML.
  3. On your device's keyboard, press CTRL and P together to open your browser's print dialog. This keyboard shortcut may be different between operating systems and browsers.
  4. In the print dialog, click the dropdown box that lets you choose a printer and find 'Save as PDF'/'Microsoft Print to PDF'/'Adobe Print to PDF'. This option will also be different depending on your currently installed programs, operating system and browser.
  5. Click 'Save' then choose a download location if prompted. You can now open the PDF at any time to print or send to others.

Alternatively, you can directly screenshot the attendee list while viewing a Session and place that into a PDF.