There are two types of messaging services found in a Meeting Mojo event, with both serving different purposes.

Direct messaging outside of a meeting

Attendees are able to message one another outside of their arranged meeting times. These messages can be viewed on the admin dashboard at any time.

To message an attendee while attending an event:

  1. Log into your account. If you don't know your login details, please talk to your event manager. If you have forgotten your password, click 'Forgot your password?' on the login screen.
  2. Click 'Search' at the top of the page and use the Filters and Search options to find the person you would like to message. A new chat can also be started from the 'Messages' button if you know exactly who you need to message.
  3. Click 'Send message' underneath the blue 'Book meeting' button. If using the 'Messages' button, just click on the person you want to message under 'Start a new chat'. If you cannot message certain attendees, your event manager may have put you in separate Groups that are not allowed to message each other. If you think this is a mistake, contact your event manager. 
  4. Type in your message text. If you have used the instant chat feature while in a meeting, you might be familiar with this interface. Messages are sent in rich text form so hyperlinks can take you to a website just by clicking.
  5. Sent messages can be viewed by clicking 'Sent' on the left menu. Clicking 'Inbox' will take you back to your received messages. 
  6. Chat participants can be viewed in the 'Participants' tab, alongside the last time they were seen in the conversation. Clicking on a name can take you to their profile to find out more about them. Note that direct messaging currently only supports two people at one time.

To view or delete direct messages as an admin:

All direct messages are viewable and removable by admins, so make sure your attendees realise this before initiating a conversation. 

  1. On the admin dashboard, navigate to the Messages tab. If you do not see this tab, your delegates may not have sent any messages. 
  2. From here, you can scroll the list of messages or use the Search/Filter functions to find specific messages. To sort the list by Date Created, simply click on the 'Created at' text above its column.
  3. To view the body text of a message, click 'View' under the Actions column. 
  4. To delete a message, click 'Delete' in the red box on the right. As the warning says, do not delete this message unless absolutely necessary.

Instant/Real Time Messaging in a meeting

Each meeting in your event comes equipped with an instant chat feature. This also applies to Sessions. The instant chat can be found on the right of the page when participating in a meeting. All participants in the meeting or Session can view all messages sent in the chat and messages can be deleted any time by meeting moderators.

Use instant messaging in a meeting or Session

  • If the meeting or Session you would like to use instant messaging in has not been booked or set up, please do so first. Instant messaging cannot be used otherwise. 
  • Access the meeting at any time after confirming. All other participants can see your messages even if you have not joined the video call. 
  • You can view messages sent in the instant chat at any time up until the event ends or a moderator deletes the messages.
  • The initial text box where you type in your message can be resized if needed by dragging the bottom right corner.
  • The instant chat feature supports rich text features, such as hyperlinks (seen above). These can be clicked to direct users to a website without any copy and pasting involved. 
  • Just like direct messages, instant chat messages can be searched for in the Messages tab on the admin dashboard. The only way to tell if a message is sourced from the instant chat is through checking the 'Meeting' row while viewing message details. The string of numbers in this row will match with the 'id' section of the meeting URL.

  • Lastly, participants can be viewed at any time by clicking the 'Participants' tab above the instant chat. The names found here can be clicked to take you to that person's profile. If a participant leaves or doesn't message for a while, a new 'Last here' section under their name will appear, stating their last known time seen in the meeting.