Before doing anything listed here, make sure you have chosen the time zone your event is set in. This can be done by navigating to the Setup tab and choosing 'Event' in the upper right menu.

This option will send a link to all your attendees to download a file that places all their current meetings in their own online calendar. The link will not work if the recipient does not have any booked meetings. Additionally, the file does not automatically update calendars, it only adds currently booked meetings. To have their online calendars update automatically, attendees must follow the two options in this article instead. If you do not see these options to add a third party calendar, please contact us to upgrade your Schedule interface.

  1. First add the following mail-merge placeholder to the ‘meetingreminder’ or 'meetingconfirmation' email templates:
    [[ATTENDEE_SCHEDULE_URL_ICS]] - This can go anywhere in the email but only includes the link to the file, so it is suggested you add other text explaining its purpose.
    The template can be found by navigating to the Content tab, then choosing 'Emails' in the upper right menu. Please refer to this guide for more information on customizing email templates.

  2. Send the email to your delegates in bulk:

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab, clicking the 'Page size' dropdown box on the right, then choosing 'All'.
  2. Check the box at the top left of the attendee list, to the left of the Name column.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click 'Choose an action', choosing 'Meeting reminder'.
  4. Making sure your email text and chosen attendees are correct, you can click 'go'.