Meeting Mojo sends emails to delegates who have accounts on the system, when they are Approved by you, whenever they receive or send a meeting request, confirmation or decline, or a private message, and when they are invited by a colleague to join a meeting.

System emails are set up to come from your 1:1 scheduling website, and you need to change the contact details associated with them. System emails respect privacy legislation by not including delegate contact information. This means that your delegates cannot communicate with one another by hitting reply to a system email, they always need to log in to respond.

Each System Email is generated from a set of templates that contain pre-set subject lines and text content. The content of the email templates has been designed to provide delegates with all the information they need to respond to meeting alerts and messages. You may, however, wish to change the content to your own words, or add more information to certain messages.

This Guide tells you how to edit the content of emails your delegates will receive from the meeting scheduler.

  1. Define Contact details and Email Footers

Meeting Mojo system email templates contain a set of ‘Fields’ that tell the system to insert a particular phrase or item of information into the final email before it is sent. Email template contain sets of Meeting Fields or Event Fields. Meeting Fields insert information about individual meetings, e.g., time, location, participants. Event Fields insert Contact information from the Settings. By changing these Settings, you can specify important content in the emails.

Change Event Field Settings as follows.

  1. From the Dashboard click the 'Setup' tab.
  2. You will see ‘System email settings’ in the right hand menu block. Click this.
  3. Click on the name of a Setting to edit it. A dialogue page will launch: enter the new setting and click Save

The following Settings are used by System Emails:

Email address where delegates can contact you.
Closing paragraph of all emails
Name of your contact
Closing paragraph of all emails
Contact telephone number
Closing paragraph of all emails
Reply-to email address
‘Reply-to’ field of all emails, ‘To’ field if delegates hit reply
Sender’s name that emails appear to come from
‘From’ field of all emails
Footer text, e.g. Best regards, Conference Team
At end of all emails
Name of your event
Registration emails (if used)
Web address of your event website
Registration emails (if used)
  1. Editing Email content

  1.  On the Admin Dashboard, go to the Content tab and click Emails in the right hand menu block.
  2. If your event is new, you will need to Activate your emails. Click the blue ‘Activate’ button.

  3.  For each template, the subject line is shown, followed by a short descriptor. The descriptor indicates what triggers the system to send the email. For example, the email with the descriptor ‘approval’ is sent when a company is Approved. See our HowTo Guide, ‘Launching Meeting Scheduling’.

  4. To edit an email template, click its subject line or ‘Edit’ link. Type in the new text into the Subject or Template fields, and click Save. 

IMPORTANT: You’ll notice a number of phrases within [[SQUARE_BRACKETS]]. These are the email template Fields. These fields – Meeting Fields and Event Fields - are listed at the right of each edit page. Meeting Fields are required by the system in order to send emails to the correct delegates, with the correct meeting information. Do not change Meeting Fields within email templates, as this may result in vital information not being sent to its recipients.

NOTE: To view emails as your delegates will see them, set up your own details and a few fake entries on your system and Approve and book meetings with them. System emails will be delivered to your inbox.