There are two ways to check if an attendee has registered on the system:

  1. Instantly - set system emails to automatically send you a copy whenever a system email is sent out (see below on how to do this).
  2. In your own time - search for your desired attendee(s) or company(s) in the Attendees or Organisations tabs.

How to automatically send yourself a copy of all system emails
  1. Navigate to the Setup tab.
  2. Click 'System email settings' in the lower right menu.
  3. Click the blue text to the right of 'Admin email'. If you have not already changed this, it will be set as ''.
  4. In the 'Value' text box, type in the email address of where you would like to receive your system email copies. Click 'Save' when done.
  5. (Optional) change the Admin name to your own if you intend to allow attendees to email you directly by replying to system emails. To do this, repeat steps 3 and 4 but for 'Admin name', putting your company/event name in the text box.
  6. Turn on the 'BCC Admin' switch. All system emails from this point on will also be sent to your desired email address. We highly recommend setting up a new inbox for these emails to arrive into so they don't clutter up your (already likely busy) inbox. 
  7. (Optional) If you would like to have an extra copy of system emails, you can click the blue text to the right of 'BCC Other' (None if not changed) and input another email address.

Learn more about customising your system emails by visiting this article.