Two kinds of duplicate entries will cause problems on your Meeting Mojo website: organizations and email addresses.

I Organization Entries

Meeting Mojo is able to detect two or more delegate entries from the same organization, and group them under the same organization name. However, if the organization name is spelled slightly differently in each entry, the system will create a separate organization in each case. The difference could be as small as an extra space between two words, or a comma. For example, you may have uploaded Attendee ‘A’ under ‘Meeting Mojo, Inc.’, and Attendee ‘B’ under ‘Meeting Mojo Inc’. Meeting Mojo allows you to merge these attendees into one organization.

Merging Organizations

    1. On Admin,go to Organizations, and find the duplicate organizations.
      Tip: Use the Name Filter. Type in a few letters common to all of the entries and click Filter.

    2. Choose the entry you will move all attendees into. This is the destination company.
      Tip – some companies really do have subsidiaries with slightly different names. Take care!
      Tip – Often one entry will have profile and other details added. Merge the others into it so you don’t delete this information.

    3. Open each of the other entries by clicking the organization name.

    4. Click each attendee name to open their View page.

    5. In the right hand menu block, click ‘Change affiliated organization’

    6. Select the destination company from the dropdown, then ‘Change organization’.

    1. When you have moved all delegates to the same entry, remove the duplicate organizations. Go to the Dashboard and click ‘more’ in the Notification for Organizations without attendees.

    2. Click Delete under all organization entries showing ‘0’ in the Attendees column.
      IMPORTANT: Before deleting an organization entry, please check that it has no delegates. When you delete an organization entry, Meeting Mojo will automatically delete any delegates and cancel their meetings.