Missed out an attendee in the import process or only need to add one or two to your system? No need to worry, you can add a new person to your system at any time.

  1. Navigate to your event's Admin Dashboard.
  2. Under the Setup heading, click 'Add...' next to 'Add an attendee'.
  3. Type the name of the organisation you wish to add the attendee to into the text box. Ensure you spell the company's name correctly.
  4. If you do not already have the company on your system: Click the grey 'New organisation...' button, then continue following these steps.
    If the company is listed on your system: Click their name, then proceed to step 7.
  5. If prompted, choose a Group. You may not be prompted if you have not added any new Groups.
  6. Fill in any necessary information for this new company. Note only the name is required, unless changed by the event manager. Click Save when done.
  7. Now, fill in the necessary details of the new attendee. Bold fields are required. If you do not type in a password, the system will auto-generate a secure one that it will then email to the attendee once approved. Otherwise, if you do enter a password, make sure they know it as the system will not tell them.
  8. You can now use the banner that appears to approve the attendee if needed. This will send them their welcome email, along with their password (if applicable). If you would rather they did not receive the welcome email, turn off email alerts in their profile first.

If the organisation you are adding the attendee to has not yet been approved, you can approve them by visiting the Organisations tab, clicking their name, then 'Change' next to the red text at the top of the page.

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