Delete Delegates and Organizations

To learn how you can individually remove attendees, please visit this article: Remove Attendees Individually. The same process can be applied to organisations, instead visiting the Organisations tab and clicking 'Delete' under any applicable entries.

Delete Meetings

You can remove any meeting from your system, with or without alerting its participants.

  1. If you don't know the meeting booker, navigate to the Meetings tab. Otherwise, navigate to the Attendees tab and click on the meeting booker's name, skipping to step iii.

  2. If there are many meetings booked, use the Search and Filter functions to find the meeting you would like to delete before clicking the Booker's name.

  3. Under the Meetings heading, find the same meeting again and click 'Edit (as booker)' under the Actions column.

  4. Choose the 'Decline' or 'Delete' tab on the meeting screen. This text will be different depending on whether the meeting has been confirmed or not.

  5. Either delete the meeting and automatically alert any participants of such by clicking 'Delete'/'Decline' or delete without sending any alerts by clicking 'Delete silently'. The second option is useful if you are currently testing out features with other accounts already on the system.

Delete Meeting Places

It is inadvisable to try change the meeting places once the system has been launched. Meetings may need to be deleted and re-scheduled. Only delete meeting places that are not in use.

Public and Shared Meeting Places (tables/rooms assigned by the system in order of availability):

  1. On the Dashboard under the Setup heading, click the '[no.] meeting points' link.
  2. Click the red 'Delete' button next to the meeting point you wish to delete.

Custom Meeting Points (specifically added to Organizations or Attendees):

  1. Go to the Organizations tab and click the Organization name to open.
  2. Under Custom meeting points, click View Usage next to the applicable location.
  3. Click 'Delete meeting point...' in the upper right menu.
  4. You will be asked to confirm this. Do so by clicking the red Delete button.

IMPORTANT: if there is a meeting already confirmed on a meeting place, the system will stop you from deleting it. Click the Meeting Point name to view and reassign, reschedule or cancel all meetings before deleting. 

Delete Meeting Times

Where possible, carry out any changes to meeting times before any meetings have been requested. Once meetings have been requested, the stability of the system cannot be guaranteed if pre-existing meeting times are removed or changed.

  1. On the Dashboard under the Setup heading, click the '[no.] available meeting slots' link.

  2. Click the 'Delete' link next to the meeting slot you wish to delete or untick certain boxes to block any meetings being scheduled at those times on specific days. 

    If there is a meeting already confirmed on the meeting time, the system will stop you from deleting it.