When removing an attendee from the system, whether it's due to a duplicate entry or because of the individual not attending the event, care must be taken to ensure that any information or meetings submitted by the attendee is OK to permanently delete.

If this particular attendee is a duplicate, please first see our Dealing With Duplicates Guide.

  1. Find the attendee on the Attendees tab. If you have a lot of attendees, you can type their last name into the Search bar to find them quicker.

  2. Click 'Delete' under their name.

  3. Click Yes/OK/Confirm in the pop up at the top of your browser, again double checking that it is completely okay to delete this record.

Deleting an Attendee automatically cancels all of their meetings. Their meeting partners will receive an advisory email unless system emails have been individually/globally.

If the deleted attendee had no meetings, simply import their details again, either manually or through a bulk import. A new password will be generated by the system if not set in the spreadsheet.
If the attendee had meetings, or you have deleted a company profile, raise a support ticket at the top of this page immediately with details of attendee/organization name and we will try to recover the entry.