Upon registering or being added to your system, attendees can log in using the details you or they provided. By default, the 'Search' option (found in the top menu bar) will be available for everyone to click to find other attendees. 

You can maximise the opportunity of meeting new people by adding Custom Fields to your event for companies and attendees to use. These Custom Fields can include YouTube videos, images, questions and answers, a short biography and more. There is no limit to how many Custom Fields can be added to an event at any one time (but that doesn't mean you should add over a hundred just because it's possible). Additionally, the Search page can be filtered or split into Organisations and Attendees to make it easier to find specific people or companies. Lastly, each event comes with an optional private messaging service (that can be turned off at any time), allowing delegates to chat before requesting meetings. 

Learn more about our messaging services by visiting this article.

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