There are many different types of Custom Fields you can make available to attendees and companies. These include:

  • Images - e.g. a company photo
  • Small text boxes - e.g. a short description of the person or company
  • Large text boxes - e.g. a longer introduction that can also include HTML embeds
  • Radio buttons - e.g. allow an attendee to display their preferred speaking language
  • Check boxes - e.g. allow an attendee to display their preferred contact methods
  • HTML Embedding (IFrame) - e.g. a short video introducing other attendees to your company
  • URLs - e.g. a link to a company's website
  • Dropdown lists - can be used instead of radio buttons, as it also only allows for one choice. However, a dropdown list is better for lists with many options
  • Dates/Times - dates and times are separate fields but can be used to show out of/in office hours/days

Custom Fields are at their best when implemented before a system launch, allowing attendees to fill fields out themselves during the registration process. Custom Field choices or values can be edited at any time by visiting your account ('Account' in the top menu bar).

To view an example of each field and learn more about Custom Fields, visit this article.