If you are trying to show some or all of your Sessions alongside the 1:1 meetings list in your attendees' schedules, go through the following checklist to make sure all of the actions have been taken:

  1. A Session can only display on timeslot(s) that completely overlap its start/end times.
    - Go to the Setup page and click 'Meeting slots' at the right
    - If the Session time is not completely covered by existing timeslots, add one or more timeslots.
    Important: If no 1:1 meetings are to take place during the Session times, uncheck the box on the new timeslot. If 1:1 meetings run alongside this Session, leave the box(es) checked.
    Special Note: it is preferable to have timeslots that coincide with the Session times, but this may not be possible if the Session takes place while 1:1 meetings are running. If a Session overlaps 2 meeting slots it will be displayed in both.

  2. Go to the Sessions page and click the Edit link for the Session. Make sure the 'In schedule' box is checked, then Save the Session.

  The Session should now be displayed in Attendees' Schedules. 

See this article for details on adding or changing meeting slots.

Also visit this article to learn more about Sessions.