1. First, ask the attendee to click 'Forgotten password?' on the login screen to see if they just need a new password. If they do not get the email to reset their password or still cannot access their account:
  2. Find the delegate's name on the Attendees tab and click 'Edit' under their name.
  3. Check that they are entering the same email address as the one displayed on their account.
  4. Next, change their password and test the email address and the new password by logging into the user interface.
  5. Send the new details to the delegate. 

They should ensure that they are not accidentally including 'spaces' either side of their username or password, and that their Caps Lock is switched off as the password is case sensitive.

If you and the attendee are still having problems accessing the account, please create a support ticket at the top of this page.

To learn more about passwords on your system, visit this article.