Meeting Mojo has passed internationally recognized internet security tests at an appropriate level for temporary access websites.

As an event manager, you can decide on the access security level of your meeting scheduler.


  1. If you don't enter a password in an import file or when adding attendees one by one, Meeting Mojo will automatically set a scrambled password for each attendee, and send it to them in an extra email message at the same time as the Welcome email.

  2. Meeting Mojo encrypts all password information. This means you cannot retrieve a delegate’s password from the system, you can only change it to something new.

  3. You can set one password for all delegates, but if you do you must include it in the Welcome email.

  4. You cannot upload individual passwords and send them via system email.

  5. If you specify a password when adding an individual attendee manually via the admin site, the system emailer will send it to them.

    IMPORTANT: make sure your email templates are activated - otherwise they will not send the right information. On the Content tab click 'Emails' at the right. If the blue Activate button appears, click it.  

Re-setting a password

Every Meeting Mojo website has a ‘forgotten password’ link. Each attendee can request a new password via the link: on entering their username, the system will send a randomised password to their email address.

If a delegate calls or emails to say that they are unable to get into the system:

  1. First check they are using the correct username. This is their email address, which is displayed in their entry on the Attendees tab.

  2. Change their password on their Attendee edit page. Click Edit in their entry, enter a new password (twice) and click Save. Check that it works by logging into their account on the frontend.

  3. Inform the delegate of their new password.

NOTE: You can include a hyperlink to the password reset in the frontend content. To create it, click the hyperlink icon in the text editor and type in: /request_password

Please refer to our HowTo Guide, ‘Customizing your Meeting Mojo Website Content’.

Setting passwords

1. Simple, secure option

If delegate data is imported into Meeting Mojo without passwords, the system will automatically create a password for each delegate when you Approve their organization, or send them the Welcome email for the first time.

  1. Upload delegate data via spreadsheet

  2. Approve your uploaded organizations

  3. The system sends the Welcome email to each delegate, with their username, and a separate email containing their password. Once they have logged in, they can change their password to something more memorable by clicking ‘Account’ and editing their personal details.
    VERY IMPORTANT! To send attendees their secure password, the System Email setting must be ON at the time they are approved. The import page will warn you if it is switched off, and provides a link to switch it back on. 

   You may want to change the wording of the Welcome email:

  1. Go to the Content tab and click Emails, at the right.

  2. Click the Activate button (if displayed) to enable editing

  3. In the list of system emails, find the entry marked ‘approval’ and click to Edit.

  4. Change the email title and/or body text. Click Save

Refer to our HowTo Guides:

Importing Delegate Data in Bulk

Adding entries one by one

2. Medium security: Unique password for each delegate

For moderate security, set a different password for each of your delegates. After you have imported your delegates’ data into Meeting Mojo and approved them, send each delegate their password in a separate email.

  1. Upload delegate data, including individual passwords in an additional column in the spreadsheet. Column header must be 'password'

  2. Approve your uploaded organizations. The system will send only the Welcome ('approval') email.

  3. Using your own emailer, send each delegate their individual password.

NOTE: Although this method can confer added web security when applied correctly, there is opportunity for
error and care should be taken when mailing to ensure passwords are faithfully matched to attendees.

  1. Basic security: Generic password [not recommended!]

For convenience, and only where a very low level of security is acceptable, it is possible to apply the same password to all delegate accounts. This generic password can be sent out with the system Approval email, and delegates may change it to a more secure and/or memorable sequence when they first log in.

  1. Upload delegate data via spreadsheet, including the generic password in a column with the header ‘password’.

  2. Only the Welcome email will be sent when you Approve organizations, so you will need to add your password to it.
    Go to the Content tab and click Emails, at the right.

  3. If the blue Activate button appears, click it. 

  4. In the list of system emails, find the entry marked ‘approval’ and click to Edit.

  5. Within the text of the email, add the following underneath the login ID statement: “Your password is: ”, and then type the generic password. Click Save

  6. Approve your uploaded organizations. Each delegate will receive the Welcome email, containing their username and password

Note: remember to use the same password every time you add delegate data

Refer to our HowTo Guides:

Importing Delegate Data in Bulk

Adding entries one by one

Registration forms
If you have activated the Meeting Mojo registration form for your event, delegates will set their own password on registration. The system will not overwrite this password.

Please see our How-to Guide, ‘Set up a Registration Form’.