1. On the Dashboard, click the blue ‘Add’ button.

  2.  Type the name of the organization into the filter to find out if it is already on the system.

    - If the organization name appears, click it to open the view page. Click Add an Attendee and go to step 4.
    - If ‘no results’ is displayed, click the ‘Add new organization’ button and go to step 3.

  3.  Select the Group that the attendee belongs to.

  4. Enter the Organization name (required) and any other information and click Save.

  5.  Add attendee details. You must add at least an email address, password and first/last names, then click Save.

  6. Click the ‘change’ button next to the red ‘Unapproved’ notification text, then click the blue ‘Approve’ button. This will give the new attendee access to the system.
    Approving an attendee will automatically send the Welcome email to their inbox. You can prevent this by switching off email alerts for the new attendee before approving.

Delete an Attendee

  1.  Find the attendee on the Attendees tab. Type their last name into the ‘Name’

    field and click Filter.

  2. Click the Delete button under the attendee’s name.

       Click Yes on the cautionary callout window.

    Deleting an Attendee automatically cancels all of their meetings. Their meeting partners will receive an advisory email.