The system sends the Welcome email whenever one of the following actions is carried out:

  1. An Organization is Approved
    When importing via spreadsheet, you can either:
    - check the 'Approve organizations' box in the final step to automatically approve them on import, or...
    - manually Approve them after import via the Organisations tab.
  2. An Attendee is added to an Organization that is already Approved
  3. The Welcome action is triggered to re-send the Welcome email
    Find out how to do this here

To Approve attendees via the Organisations tab:

      i. Select 'No' in the Approved section of the filter, then click Filter.

     ii. In the Page Size widget at the right, select 'All' if there are many unapproved attendees (the page will refresh).

    iii. Check the tick box at the top of the company list, to the left of 'Name'.

 iv. Scroll to the end of the list, select 'Approve' in the Actions dropdown, then click 'go'.
You can also Approve an Organization when you add it manually - click the 'Change' button on the red-text notification, then click the 'Approve' button.