Our minimum recommendations for a banner are:

  • A maximum of 1170 pixels wide
  • Any height is fine, but 200-300 pixels is the sweet spot
  • .jpg, jpeg, .png, gif formats as to make sure it appears correctly on every device

You may also add media from external image hosting sites. To do so, at step 2, close the media library window and paste your external link. We cannot guarantee all external sites will embed their image correctly and cannot help if this is the case.

  1. Navigate to the Content tab in your Admin Dashboard.
  2. On the right of the page, click the text box under 'Banner image'.
  3. We recommend also creating a new folder to keep your media organised. This can be done by typing a name into the 'Create new directory' text box, then clicking Create. To save into this new folder, click the name in the library.
  4. Under 'Upload a file', click 'Choose file'. 
  5. Find your banner image, then click Save in the media library window.
  6. Your image will now appear in the library. Click it to set it as your banner.
  7. The media library window will now close. Click Update under the text box on the right to update your banner image.

You can view your new banner by visiting the homepage of your event's website.

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