You Meeting Mojo website can automatically display a set of event-manager contact details within web pages and system emails. Each new system is set to display Meeting Mojo contact details, so you will need to change these to your own:

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab and choose 'Contacts settings' in the lower right menu.
  2. Click the blue linked text to change each applicable setting. Enter your own details in each one, and click Save when done. These values can be reverted to default at any time by clicking Delete instead of Save.
  3. Scroll down slightly to 'System email settings'. 
  4. Change the Admin email (the destination of replies to system emails) and the Admin name (the name that appears when you respond to system email replies). Also turn on 'BCC Admin' if you wish to receive a copy of every system email to your own address.
  5. Scroll down slightly again to find the 'Date and Language settings' heading.
  6. Select and Save your Theme language, and preferred date/time format.
  7. Navigate to the Content tab and click the blue ‘Activate’ button at the top of the list of pages.
  8. Click ‘Emails’ in the upper right menu and click the blue ‘Activate’ button at the top of the list of email templates.
  9. To check your changes, go to your event website and click 'Contact' in the lower menu bar (If you have a banner it will be just underneath).


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