For your Meeting Mojo scheduler to work, you need to input a calendar of timeslots. The system will assign meetings to these timeslots to create meeting calendars for the participants.

Enter your meeting slots as part of the Setup Wizard, or add/edit them later via the ‘meeting slots’ link on the Dashboard or Setup page.

  • Set the start and end times of the first meeting in the boxes provided, then click ‘Add’
  • The next meeting slot is automatically cued, starting at the same time as the previous meeting ended, with the same duration. If you want a gap between meetings, enter later times in the boxes. Click ‘Add’.
  • Continue until your meeting sequence is complete.

Remember: The final slot in the list is not available for meetings, it is the entry field used to create a new slot. 

This straightforward process suits most 1:1 sessions. However, you may need to introduce variations to fit in with your agenda and resources. Plan your meeting slots carefully, using our ‘5 rules’ as a guide:

Rule 1: If your meetings take place over more than one day, every timeslot you enter will appear on all the days. Uncheck the checkbox under any date when you do not want the timeslot to be used.

Rule 2: You can set up ‘overlapping’ meeting times, checked and unchecked on different days. For example, 10:00-10:30AM on Day 1, and 10:15-10:45 on Day 2. Overlapping slots must be entered manually.

Rule 3: You can NOT have 2 meeting slots that start at the same time.

Rule 4: You can change a meeting slot after creating it (start/end times and checked/unchecked) but you MUST click the red Save button at the end of the list if you do so.

Rule 5: If a timeslot has meetings on it (number in blue next to the checkbox), you cannot delete it.

Meeting Calendar Displays

Your delegates will see the meeting slots displayed in various parts of the system, and can download or print their own meeting lists. The onscreen displays usually show all the meeting slots, even those you have made unavailable by unchecking them. This is because we use a ‘grid’ display, in the same way as a regular calendar, to avoid confusion when choosing timeslots and to provide an overview of available and unavailable slots.

If you have added overlapping timeslots, this may look odd! However, the meeting list download only shows timeslots for actual meetings, in a clear and concise display (below, right).



Calendar syncing (Outlook, Google): timezone setting

If you are going to enable your delegates to add their Meeting Mojo meeting list to their Outlook or Google calendar, you must set the system timezone to that of your event location. This will also ensure that meeting slots are closed off in a timely manner during your event. Click here to find out more.


Changing meeting slots

You may have to bring your 1:1 sessions forward or back due to agenda changes.

  • If there are no meetings on the system delete all the slots using the Delete links on each. Set up again.
  • If there are meetings, carefully edit the start and end time of each meeting to fit the new session time. Make sure you click the red ‘Save’ button that appears at the end of the list.

Limiting the number of meetings allowed on a meeting slot

Meetings are limited by the number of available meeting points. To reduce the number of meetings at any meeting slot, use the Exclusions feature on one or more meeting points to remove it from the available pool.

Adding and removing a day from the meeting calendar

If you need to add another day, click the orange ‘plus’ icon either side of the existing date(s). The new day will contain the same meeting slots, with unchecked boxes identical to the nearest day.

To remove a day, click the red ‘cross’ icon at the end of its column.

WARNING: if you delete a day, any meetings will be lost. Reschedule any existing meetings before deleting.

If you want to move your event to a different date, raise a ticket on the Support Desk. Do not attempt to add and delete days to achieve this as the system will stop working.