If you are using your website as a simple meeting scheduler, there are a number of features to help you do this. 

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Print or Download an Individual Schedule

Print or Download All Schedules

Book, Cancel or Reschedule Meetings (on behalf of an attendee)

Set up a Countdown Timer (can be displayed on a big screen to show how much time is left in the time slot)

Add Individual Attendees (helpful if attendees arrive without having registered beforehand)

Identify Busy Meeting Locations or Times

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Print/Download an Individual Schedule

Delegates may request that their schedule is printed or downloaded for offline viewing at the event. They are able to do this themselves by visiting their schedule, but you might want to have a backup just in case. This can be done by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab and find your desired attendee by using the Search and Filter functions.
  2. Click 'Schedule' under the 'For this attendee' column. 'Schedule' may have a number beside it indicating the number of meetings this person is currently participating in.
  3. You will now be able to see this attendee's schedule. Click either 'Print' or 'PDF' in the top left. To instantly print the schedule to hand out on site, you might want to click 'Print'. Otherwise, 'PDF' will download a PDF copy of their schedule for them to print or as a spare copy.

Print/Download All Schedules

If the majority/all of your attendee's meetings are booked, you can print or download every schedule at once for handing out at your event. Before printing or downloading, you might want to add some text or your event banner to each schedule to make it look more professional. Visit this article to learn how to do so.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard tab.
  2. On the right you will see the heading 'Batch print'. Click 'PDF' under the smaller 'Meeting schedules' heading to download a PDF consisting of all your attendee's schedules. Each schedule will be placed on their own page to avoid confusion and enable easier handing out.
  3. To print this PDF, open it with any compatible PDF reader. Most modern browsers can open PDF files, so no third party application is needed. Most programs and browsers will allow you to press Ctrl + P or ⌘ + P on your keyboard to open the print dialog, depending on your operating system.

Note that if you have many attendees, schedules may be split into multiple PDF files, labelled '1-50', '51-100' and so on. The option to view schedules quickly through HTML is supported by clicking 'HTML' instead and will be more widely compatible with devices. However, a PDF will retain formatting no matter how it is resized so you can choose which format is more useful to you.

Book, Cancel or Reschedule on behalf of an attendee

In some cases, it might be easier for an attendee to request you manage their meeting bookings at the venue. If this is the case, you can follow the below guides on doing so on behalf of an attendee.

Book a Meeting

  1. (Optional) To make booking easier for you, bookings can be instantly confirmed without the other party needing to accept the meeting. To do this, go to the Setup tab, choose 'System configuration settings' in the lower right menu and turn off the 'Meeting confirmation step' switch. If this option is left on, you will need to manually accept the meeting from the other attendee's profiles or let them accept themselves.
  2. Navigate to the Attendees tab. Find the attendee that would like to request the meeting, using the Search and Filter functions to find them quicker.
  3. Click 'Book' in the 'For this attendee' column, making sure you are booking for the correct attendee.
  4. Find the attendee you would like to book with, then click 'Book meeting' to the right of their name.
  5. You will be presented with the previously chosen attendee's schedule. Choose an available time slot (in green) by clicking the blue text on it. This text may say something like '2 meeting places available'.
  6. On the next screen, you can configure the meeting to add colleagues or include an optional message.
  7. Once you have checked the information on this page is correct, click the blue Yes button.
  8. If you turned off the confirmation step, the meeting is now booked and both attendees will receive an email with information about when the meeting is taking place. Otherwise, you will need to access the schedule of the other attendee or wait for them to confirm the meeting. They will receive an email asking them to do so.

Cancel or Decline a Meeting

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab and find one of the meeting participants, using the Search and Filter functions to help you.
  2. Click 'Schedule' in the 'For this attendee' column, ensuring you choose this option for the correct attendee.
  3. Click 'Confirmed - update?' on the applicable time slot. Ensure you choose the correct slot on the correct day. Note this text will say 'Unconfirmed' instead if it is yet to be confirmed. 
  4. Choose the 'Decline' or 'Cancel' tab. This text may be different but both will mean the same thing.
  5. Choose either the 'Decline' or the 'Delete silently' button, depending on whether you would like the participants to be alerted to the cancellation. 'Decline' will email all participants, while 'Delete silently' will delete the meeting without sending any emails automatically. If you choose the 'Decline' option, you can also include a message that will be included in the email sent after.

Make sure you are cancelling the correct meeting as there is no confirmation pop up to ask you to confirm the cancellation.

Reschedule a Meeting

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab, finding one of the meeting participants and using the Search and Filter functions to assist you.
  2. Click 'Schedule' in the 'For this attendee' column, ensuring you choose it for the correct attendee.
  3. Click 'Confirmed - update?' on the applicable time slot. Ensure you choose the correct slot on the correct day. Note this text will say 'Unconfirmed' instead if it is yet to be confirmed.
  4. Choose the 'Reschedule' tab, then click the grey 'Reschedule...' button.
  5. You will be presented with the previously chosen attendee's schedule. Choose an available time slot (in green) by clicking the blue text on it. This text may say something like '2 meeting places available'. The slot you are currently rescheduling from will be coloured red to make sure you don't try to reschedule to the same slot.
  6. Double check the information on this next page, then click the blue Reschedule button once you are sure it is correct. You can include an optional message in the text box.
  7. All meeting participants will receive an email confirming this reschedule.
Set up a Countdown Timer
You can display a countdown on a large screen to show attendees how long is left in their time slot, along with the current time. 

Click here to view an example of what it could look like. If this looks good to you, visit this article for an explanation of how to set it up.

Add Individual Attendees

Some delegates may attend in short notice or without any notice. If this happens, you can add them to the event on their behalf.

  1. Navigate to the Attendees tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. If the Attendee is part of a new company or is by themselves, click 'Add organisation'. If they are attending as part of an already registered company, click 'List organisations'.
  3. If you chose Add organisation, go through the form to create a new company, ticking 'Is solo' if they are by themselves. If you tick this box, it will not ask you to add any more attendees to the company, so put the delegate's details in this form instead. Skip to step 7 when done.
  4. If you chose List organisations, find the company you wish to add the attendee to, then click their name.
  5. Click the grey 'Add attendee' button next to the list of people already part of this company.
  6. Enter all the relevant details for this attendee, then click Save. Bolded field names are required.
  7. If the company is not yet approved or you have just added a new organisation, you will see a banner asking you to approve them. Click 'Approve', sending the welcome email to all applicable delegates and allowing them to book with others.

You may want to let the attendee fill in this form themselves, as it requires a password to be entered. They can then access the event using these details by choosing 'Login' on your event website on their own device.

Identify Busy Locations and Times

Some locations or time slots might be used a lot more than others and while this is fine for your event, it can be helpful to view which ones are the busiest. You can also follow these steps to view how many meetings one person has booked, all in one place, including the location and time.

First, navigate to the Meetings tab. You might not be able to see this tab if there are no meetings booked.

From this screen, all currently booked meetings are listed along with their confirmation status, booked time and location. The filter at the top of the page can be used to narrow down results to specific bookers, times, locations and more. If you are searching for a specific booker or attendee, make sure you only use their last name, spelling it correctly and using the correct casing. For example, if you were looking for 'Rick Astley', you'll want to search for 'Astley', as the system can only search using surnames at the time of writing.

Additionally, you filter by unconfirmed meetings to identify attendees that need a reminder to confirm their meetings. If the time until your event is getting close and there are still unconfirmed meetings, follow these steps to mass send a reminder to applicable attendees:

  1. Make note of all names under the 'Attendee' column that do not have a tick in the 'Confirmed' column. You can filter to only see unconfirmed meetings by choosing the 'Confirmed' dropdown box, choosing 'no', then clicking Filter.
  2. Navigate to the Attendees tab, then click the Page size dropdown on the right and choose 'All'.
  3. Locate the attendees that need reminding, checking the box to the left of their name as you scroll. 
  4. If you have many attendees to find, you can use the Search function to send the reminders individually instead of scrolling down a long list. For each attendee, check their box then repeat this step and step 5 as many times as you need.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click the 'Choose an action' dropdown box then choose 'Meeting reminder'. Click the grey 'go' button.
  6. Every chosen attendee will receive an email reminding them to accept or decline unconfirmed meetings, ensuring schedules are up to date before your event.